Behavioral Health Equity and Strategy Solutions

Thought Leadership


As a nationally recognized thought leader, Chacku delivers inspiring, yet provocative presentations focused on the most challenging issues our communities are facing today in mental health and health equity. Connect with us to learn about our latest initiatives and solutions. 

Organizational Sustainability


Are you interested in developing a new mental health or health equity initiative or already doing something you would like to see grow? Chacku can support you, your teams and organizations to develop a clear strategy and set meaningful goals and objectives that lead to value-based work plans and management. 

Collaborative Impact


Engaging and bringing together diverse points of view and experience is challenging, especially when it's personal. Chacku can support your community and/or government entity to bring people together as valued stakeholders in mental health and health equity towards real change. 

Name the Change You Want to See

Eliminate Force and Coercion through Self-Determination


Reliance on force and coercion in any system is a sign of failure to demonstrate value and support human rights. There are a number of ways that force and coercion is used in mental health including involuntary outpatient commitment. Learn about the ways to achieve health equity and reduce and/or eliminate the use of these harmful practices in your systems.

Move from Compliance to Engagement and Activation


Engagement is not compliance. There is an incredible body of evidence that can help us understand why people disengage from mental health care. Develop a system that will support and measure the health equity and activation we want to see for everyone. 

Partner and Be Led by People of Color


Racial Equity includes addressing structural racism through intentional social and system conditions such as intersectionality, partnership and pluralism. Learn how to engage, partner and be led by People of Color interested in mental health equity in your Organizational Networks, Board of Directors, C-Suite and Staff.  

Engage Community


The first step in any meaningful mental health systems transformation process is to involve the people who are directly impacted. Learn about the steps and strategies of trauma-informed community organizing and leadership towards health equity outcomes. 

Transform Systems


Our existing systems are perfectly designed to achieve the negative outcomes we see every day. Learn how to dismantle failing mental health systems while constructing and measuring meaningful, health equity focused, systems transformation.  

Discover Leadership


Learn how to Discover Leadership., not just develop it, for mental health and health equity. This means seeing what leadership capacities already exist within ourselves as well as in our community.  The leadership we need is already out there. We need to learn how to see it. 

Transform Systems and Community to Support Recovery

Implementing Peer Support Services


States, territories, local governmental units, health systems and community based organizations across the globe are integrating peer support providers into their systems. Be confident that Chacku offers a deep understanding of the most cutting edge practices of recovery-focused systems. Support is designed to help systems and agencies to develop a strategy, invest in peer run organizations, as well as recruit, retain, and supervise people in recovery in a variety of peer support roles.

Improve Mental Health in the Workplace


As an employer, make sure you have the tools, resources and information you need to promote and support the mental health of your employees and their families while reducing the costly impacts of mental health and substance use such as: 


Significantly reduced productivity

Increased health care and disability costs

Employment and Economic Development


Social Determinants of Health, such as poverty, have the greatest impact on mental health status. The unemployment rate for people with psychiatric disabilities is between 85-95% across the country. Make a difference by learning how to shift policy and infrastructure to increase the employment rate and economic self-sufficiency in your community.

Social Determinants of Health and Health Activation


 Health starts where we live, learn, work, and play, Offer your systems leadership and practitioners the opportunity to explore the role of social determinants of health in their work towards increasing health and wellness outcomes and eliminating the health disparities experienced by individuals, families and communities. This highly interactive training program offers opportunities to explore the diverse and intersecting social identities and needs of people in our communities as they relate to social determinants of health. The training also offers key strategies and competencies that improve engagement and health activation outcomes. 

From Cultural Humility to Congruence


Get a chance to learn about the intersecting skills of supporting social determinants of health, cultural competence and health literacy.

This interactive training program goes beyond the basics and takes a ‘deeper dive’ by exploring how ‘Culture Matters’ in better understanding a person/family's hopes, dreams and goals. Build the practitioner competencies needed to improve engagement, health literacy and health activation – while supporting people in taking ownership of their health, wellness and improved quality of life.

Mental Health Self-Direction


A growing body of evidence shows that a new model—self-direction, or self-directed care—can help people avoid cycles of hospitalization and achieve better outcomes.

It involves people controlling an individualized budget, choosing from a much broader-than-usual range of goods, services, and supports to overcome challenges and reach personal and professional goals.